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If you own a Gaggia coffee machine, then you are a true bean aficionado. Which means that when your coffee machine isn’t working right, or at all, it’s an actual crisis. We understand. You invested in a high-end Milanese coffee maker so you could turn your breakfast bar into an Italian coffee shop. You need it fixed fast! The good news is, for the last decade, we’ve been the go-to for Gaggia coffee machine repair in Winnipeg!

Our team is just as passionate about great coffee machines as you are. We’re trained, we have the tools, and we have the parts. Gaggia Coffee Machine Repair Winnipeg

Gaggia Coffee Machine Repairs & Service Winnipeg

When someone walks through our door with a Gaggia coffee machine, we know two things about them right away. First, they need quality coffee, and second, they’re not having a good day. So, our team goes out of their way to make things better.

As a professional coffee machine repair shop, we have most of the parts and all of the tools needed to do repairs. We won’t have to send your machine away, and we can fix most problems the same day. If we do have to order a part, we have a large network of suppliers to get it here in a hurry.

Why go anywhere else? We’re your local Winnipeg Gaggia coffee machine specialists! Gaggia Coffee Machine Repair Winnipeg

Preventative Servicing for Your Gaggia Coffee Machine

An Italian coffee machine is a lot like an Italian sports car. If you wait until something breaks, it’s going to be bad news. Which is why we also offer preventative maintenance and servicing for your Gaggia coffee maker.

Book an annual or biannual checkup to keep your machine working perfectly. Because let’s face it, you can taste perfection in your cup. however Gaggia Coffee Machine Repairs Winnipeg


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Even the best coffee machines have parts that will wear out over time. But the good news is that most of those parts are affordable and easy to replace. As long as you take care of the problem quickly. The longer you leave your Gaggia working with a semi worn out part, the more unseen damage you could be doing. So don’t eve wait and see! Strange noises. Suspicious leaks. Less than perfect cups of coffee. They’re all signs that your machine needs a little work. Let us take care of the problem and make your machine good as new.
We check settings, replace parts, and tighten things that loosen over time. Fix, service, maintain, and everything in between. If it’s a Gaggia, it’s as good as done.

Whether you have a Gaggia coffee maker in your home, office, or café, we’re happy to help. Our team has been serving individuals and businesses in Winnipeg for over ten years!

Our Service to You

A no coffee day is already a bad day. So, we go above and beyond to turn it around. While we’re diagnosing and fixing the problem with your machine, we’ll check everything else too. If there’s anything that might need repairing soon, we’ll give you the option to do it. If you accept the quote, you can skip a trip to our store later!

Then we’ll put everything back together with extra care, and make sure that everything is grinding, dripping, heating, and steaming perfectly. Because we’re professionals, and we love coffee (and coffee makers) almost as much as our customers do! Call, email or come on down, and find out why we’re number one in Winnipeg!  Gaggia Coffee Machine Repair Winnipeg

"If it makes coffee, we can service, repair and refresh it. Trust the Winnipeg coffee maker pros!"

Gaggia Coffee Machine Repairs Winnipeg

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If you own a Gaggia machine, you’ve already invested in having great coffee. Don’t risk it by trusting your beautiful coffee machine to just anyone. It takes skill, experience, and attention to detail to fix high end coffee machines the right way. We do it all, with absolute care and precision. So, you never have to worry that your machine won’t be working better than ever when you collect it from our team. We’ve worked hard to build our reputation, and we’ll be sure you’re delighted!

In fact, we’re not only Gaggia specialists, but we also work on all the other best brands. Breville, Lavazza, DeLonghi, Rancilio, Jura, Saeco and more. If it’s made in Europe and made to make great coffee, bring it to us!  Gaggia Coffee Machine Repairs Winnipeg. however Gaggia Coffee Machine Repair Winnipeg

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