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We have been servicing Delonghi Coffee Machine repairs for over 10 years. Servicing coffee makers in Winnipeg. We understand brewing a great coffee in the morning can help you start your day with your best foot forward. It is our aim to keep your Delonghi Machine operating at its best and producing the quality coffee you deserve.

DeLonghi Coffee Machine Repairs & Service Winnipeg

We repair and service all Delonghi coffee machines, including Fully automated and manual models. Authentic Spare Parts for most models are kept on hand at our workshop to speed up the turnaround time of your repair.

All coffee machines are repaired and serviced in our Winnipeg workshop.

Delonghi Coffee Machine Routine Service

Is your Machine not producing the same quality coffee that it use to? Are you starting to notice more noise or a change in the cream produced. It might be time to give your Coffee Machine some tender loving care.

Where Can I Repair a DeLonghi in Winnipeg?

Coffeemakers that you use everyday can go through major wear and tear. In order to never be without your favourite brew, it’s important to have your coffee machine inspected or repaired immediately when you first notice an issue. If your coffee machine is experiencing one or more of the many problems listed below, and the issue seems to be persistent, then it’s time to call in the professionals! After all, unless you know your machine well enough, you simply can’t diagnose and fix the problems efficiently by yourself.

So whether you live near or far, you can trust DeLonghi Coffee Machine Repair Winnipeg with your espresso machine repair, and that it will be to your satisfaction – just like your favourite cup of coffee!

Service & Response Time

We go above and beyond to make sure our customers keep making quality coffee for many years to come. Which is why, when you bring your machine to us, we don’t only check the problem you’ve reported. We’ll give the unit a complete once over and look for any other issues too. We take pride in delivering the very best service your coffee machine will ever get.

While we’re repairing or servicing your repair, we’ll even do a basic grinder service, just to be sure. Which means that whenever you collect your machine, it will give you the best coffee out there! It’s because we go above and beyond to repair and service coffee machines that we’re the number one choice in Winnipeg.

“We service, repair and renew all makes and models of coffee machines. Trust the coffee machine pros!”

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