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Jura Coffe Machine Repair, Jura Coffe Machine Repairs

If you are true coffee afficionado, you might have decided to make a Jura coffee machine part of your life. Once you have, you’ve probably got used to a certain standard of home brewed coffee. So, when things aren’t working as they should, you’re not likely to be too happy. Most of our customers, when looking for Jura coffee machine repair in Winnipeg, want fast turnaround! That’s exactly what we do though. We’ve been reuniting coffee lovers with their Jura coffee machines for many years.

So, if you’re worried your quality coffee might be out of reach for a while, don’t be. If your Jura machine can be fixed, we can fix it for you. Jura Coffee Machine Repair

Jura Coffee Machine Repairs & Service Winnipeg

It’s not just when something actually breaks that you might need help with your Jura coffee machine. In fact, because these are high quality, complex machines, Jura coffee machines actually benefit from servicing.

Which is why we not only offer Jura coffee machine repairs in Winnipeg, but we also offer routine servicing and maintenance. Finding problems and making adjustments early can save time and money in the long run.

Our Winnipeg workshop repairs and maintains all makes and models of coffee maker. however Jura Coffee Machine Repair

Jura Coffee Machine Routine Service

When you first bring your coffee machine home from the store, everything works perfectly. It may take a little while for everything to get set up exactly right. But all the parts are new, they fit well, and there are no leaks or squeaks.


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But if you’re like most coffee lovers, you probably use your Jura coffee machine every day. Which means that eventually, things will wiggle loose. Sometimes seals get just a little bit unsealed. Or a screw comes loose just a little bit too much. The machine isn’t exactly broken, but it doesn’t work the way you’re used to it working. As time goes by, the trouble gets a little worse.
When your machine isn’t producing the coffee, you’re used to getting, we can help. Routine maintenance of your Jura coffee machine can help to prevent this. It can also extend the life of your machine. In fact, if you have your coffee machine serviced regularly, you can keep your machine pristine for many years.
People throughout the Winnipeg area trust us with their Jura and other high end coffee makers. We service, maintain and repair all the best brands. So, trust us with your machine, and make sure you always get the perfect cup of joe.

Our Service to You

You don’t get to be the number one coffee machine repair service in Winnipeg by accident. We’ve spent years going above and beyond what our customers expect. We under promise and over deliver. So, you always get more than you expected!

We respect the brands that we work on. We know they make the best coffee machines in the world. Which is why we never let coffee machines leave our shop unless they’re as good as new. Or better. You’ll be amazed how well your machine works when we’re done with it.  Jura Coffee Machine Repair Winnipeg

"We make your high-end coffee machines work as good as new – or better!"
Jura Coffee Machine Repairs Winnipeg

Coffee Machine Repairs

Making sure that every customer who brings their Jura coffee machine in for repairs in Winnipeg leaves delighted takes planning. We start with the most experienced repair staff. Everyone on our team is highly trained, skilled and dedicated. We love coffee machines, and it shows.

Next, we make sure that we have all the most popular, brand name parts for all the high-end machines out there. We stock parts for Jura, Saeco, Gaggia, Delonghi, Lavazza, La Pavoni, Breville, Rancilio, etc.

Finally, we have the best work ethic in the business. You bought the best machine, so we give you the best service. Every time. So, if your Jura coffee machine needs a tune up or repair, you know where to find us. Jura Coffee Machine Repairs Winnipeg

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